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New Girls Beauty Guide   |  New Asian Beauty

Types of Jewelry

Here we contains the latest of Types of Jewelry along with some other stuff related to fashion of Indian and Paksitani girls.

Types of Jewelry

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We first adorn our head in the style that you have chosen for yourself. A "maangtika" is used to adorn the center parting of your hair. This comes in three different styles.

One is a single string of pearl, gold, or silver with a hook at the top and a centerpiece at the other end that rests against your forehead. The second style has three strings, one each for the center and the two sides following your hairline, with a centerpiece attached as in the previous style. The third style is that of a crown or a tiara.

After you decide on the style, you can go ahead with choosing the design and the color you want to use to match your dress. These pieces can be made in gold, silver, pearl, "kundan" work, or with diamond or precious stones set into any of the metals which can be used for the purpose. This is one piece of jewelry, which has never gone out of fashion; rather it has made its presence felt even in the west.


After the "maangtika", hairpins come into consideration.The 60ís style bouffant making a comeback, the hairpins are once again gaining popularity. Elaborate and stone studded clips can be used to give your bouffant that added glamour. Even a simple chignon can be kept in place with silver or gold hairpins. You can also string pearls on strands of hair to give you the chic look.


We now move on to the ears, which we love to highlight with jewelry. Danglers, rings, studs and what not. You have such a breathtaking variety of ornaments that it is really difficult to make up your mind as to what you would like to wear.

The easiest way to go about choosing these is to first decide what color blends well with the wedding dress and the style of your dress takes the next step in eliminating what you donít want. For example, if you have chosen a shade of red or brown, the best jewelry to go with this would be gold, while if you have chosen pastels, or the fabric used for your dress is Chiffon, georgette, etc, you can opt for pearls, diamonds or precious stones set in silver as they add a delicate and fragile flavour to your dress.
The style of your dress also determines the design of your jewelry. A very trendy outfit requires trendy accessories to justify it. If you are planning to go ethnic then you can pick tribal or very antique, like the Ďjadaoí, designs for your earrings. And if you belong to the category that believes in the minimalist look, then you can pick up small to large studs ranging from ethnic to totally nouveau.

Nose Ring

The nose ring or the stud occupies the next place of importance in your adornment. You can match the style with your earrings or can drop it totally. The traditional nose ring was a big ring with pearls and rubies and a chain attached to hook it up in the hair, near the ears to take off the weight from the nose. But this, too, has undergone major changes and now can be seen as a fashion statement, with designers using their imaginations to make it more and more striking. This is again being accepted in the western fashion world with all the top singers and models adopting it. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and get it pierced, if you still donít have it.


The necklace is the next point of focus. Match it with your earrings, and just complete the ensemble. But wait! Have you given a thought to the kind of neck you have and the neckline that you have chosen for your dress?
If you have the perfect swan-like neck, then you donít have to worry. You can choose anything from a chokker to a layered haar, depending on the neckline. A deep neckline requires a longer necklace or a haar to accentuate it, but higher neckline needs a chokker or a band like necklace around the neck. People with short and thick necks should not attempt to wear high necks and chokkers. They should be given a more graceful look by a plunging and wide neckline, accentuated by long and or multi-layered necklaces.

Bangles, etc.

The armbands, bangles, and bracelets are the main symbols of marriage in Pakistani culture. They have a important role in our country, cutting across all cultures.

The armband can be worn if you have chosen to wear a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress, as this will highlight you upper arms. You also have wide range of Kadas, choodis and bracelets to adorn the hands. Once again, follow the pattern you have chosen for earrings and necklace. But you can either, go minimalist, and just have one piece of bracelet on your wrist. Or, you can go totally ethnic, mix and match glass bangles with the color of your dress and with other Kadas and keep jingling your bangles to capture the attention of everyone whenever you move your hands.

The rings also come into the picture. You can have a "haathphool", a bracelet with rings attached with chains, or you can have separate ones to match your jewelry. However, rings have a symbolic meaning as the ring on your ring-finger indicates that you are spoken for and it stimulates the vein that goes to the heart. Thus, a ring is not only symbolic but also has a therapeutic effect on the nerves and veins in our hands indirectly stimulating them for better blood circulation.

Waist Band

The waist is generally adorned with a kamarband, which is again an old traditional piece of jewelry. It keeps coming in and going out of fashion. A slim waistline can be accentuated with a delicate kamarband with the saree or lehenga tied below the navel. But if you are on the wrong side of the inches, just donít think about it and drop it from your list.

Anklets And Toerings

Brides traditionally wore anklets and toe rings. You can however exclude them from your list if you have chosen the no-nonsense or modern look. These are generally in silver, with gold polish and stone settings or meenakari.

Above all, the season and the clothes you are wearing should always be kept in mind when you are deciding on your jewelry. If the season is summer, and you have chosen light materials and soft tones, then heavy jewelry is a no-no. You can wear diamonds, pearls and other gemstones or silver too. The designs can be ethnic, intricate and delicate, trendy or geometrical, but heavy and gold should be avoided as they add warmth rather than the much-required coolness to your look. If the season is winter or the weather is cooler then you can go in for the chunky gold jewelry that you like as you will be wearing warm colors and heavier fabrics. If you keep these tips in mind, you will definitely shine like a beacon in the dark.

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